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The presentation was simple and yet extremely effective since it touched a chord in every parent’s heart.It was an eye opener, pointing out certain unconscious mistakes that we do while communicating with our child. New parents found it very informative and learnt the basics of avoiding some common pitfalls. Dr.Seema and her team at Antarmanh are doing a great service of facilitating child counseling since this is an area of sensitive nature and great importance.
-Monica Khanna Head HR Hedrick & Struggle KMC
Thanks for your help in making our lives better. Session done at Antarmanh Centre for Emotional Well-Being, changed my thought process, I am contended more internally in true sense happy at work and at home able to give more to my wife. Thanks for your help in making our lives better.
-Desh, IBM
I am not Indian, a cancer patient, the team does not know my language, but love and care does not need any words to express, she visited twice daily me, her touch filled me so much of energy, back to work…lots of love.
-Hairth, Oman
Believe me, my son’s blood group does not match with me and my wife, but without grudges, we are living together. I love my son.Thanks Seema, how stupid I was.We would have lost our first child, thanks to Dr Seema, always being there, picking all calls even midnight, early morning just to keep my wife comfortable during her tough time..we owe too much to her.
-Gaurav Seth
In India seeking counselling is not a trend, but I know it was life line when my 4 days old daughter had seizure. I attended Seema’s many sessions before, when I had tough time, she was physically present in the Cradle just to comfort me.
-Mrs Shalu Aircel
Life could be meaningful after divorce never thought of, happily married with kids. lots of wishes and love
-Charanjeet, Chandigarh
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