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Express Clinic - Clinical Assistance

Walk in to express:Sometimes we get stuck with small issues with spouse, boss, co workers, parents, in-laws and friends which not only affect our performance but add to spoil relations with self & others. We encourage individualised consultaion for releasing and expressing your feelings of anger, helpless, cheated and unhappy which helps you to respond in an assertive ways to enrich relations at work and at home.

Clinical help: for serious and common mental disorder through assessment, counselling and life coaching for children, parents, family & individual and relationships & work related issues.

Counselling & coaching services: for patients with chronic and life threatening disorders- Cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, obesity, infertility, eating disorders.

Clinical Courses
  • Age wisely - a complete health guide for senior citizen, one to one counselling, weekly group meet having fun, dance, and drama therapy, yoga classes.
  • Smart & cool kids - a 4 week program for children (age 3-12 yrs), to improve their concentration and make them responsible more for themselves. Art, dance, drama and other fun activity.
  • Tease, Ties & Teens - for teenagers, regular one to one counselling, relationship therapy, goal setting, career counselling and support.
  • Harmony and Intimacy – for enriched relationship the program is designed for couples.
  • Treatment for Neuro-psychological disorders, ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy.
Enhanced Workplace - Corporate Emotional Health

Coaching leaders always help employees identify their unique strengths and weaknesses and tie them to their personal and career aspirations. We offer workshops, health talk, training, employees’ assistant programs with individual coaching for leaders and employees.

Schools in high spirits - School Emotional Health

Emotional well being support at schools by trained psychologists can help prevent or reduce the immediate and long-term effects of children’s holistic health problems. Children are remarkably resilient when they get the help they need. Children and youth thrive when they feel safe and supported. Parents and teachers sometimes need help in their effort to provide a system of support that meets each child’s individual needs. Effective support systems include:

  • Active Parenting - Love and encouragement of parents and family
  • Effective Educators - Guidance of teachers and other important adults
  • Consistent expectations and support
  • Access to emotional and mental health and other helping professionals
  • Services that respect and respond to personal and cultural differences

With schools we work in two dimensions first students and secondly educators and staff members and Parents too. We offer workshops, health talk, training & counselling services. We are focusing more on ADHD and other behavioural disorders and learning disabilities.

Academy - School for Emotional well-Being

Research & education are the best tools to create awareness, to empower, to teach inclusion and acceptance.

Six months certificate courses:

  • Counselling
  • School Psychology
  • Marriage Counselling’
  • CBT
  • ABT
  • Life coach
  • Mentoring
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