Are you assertive in the workplace?

Are you assertive in the workplace?

The communication network and conversation in the workspace are a major part of maintaining the workspace culture. Creating a good work environment is deeply rooted into effective communication. If an employee has good communication skills, he or she possesses a great asset to sail through major works of the organisation in a smoother way as compared to somebody who doesn’t have it. Assertive communication in an organisational setup helps in meeting the goals of communication in a better and a more diligent manner.

Are you assertive in the workplace

  • It creates a healthy workspace.
  • It ensures sustainable employee motivation.
  • It helps avoid conflict and confusion.It smoothens the achievement of organisational goals.
  • It ensures employee satisfaction because they are able to put forward their thoughts and beliefs.

Basics of Communication

 If anyone knows and is aware of how to present oneself, we can easily learn to state and value our own opinion and how to put it forward at the same time, encouraging feedback for our own opinion from others. If we are able to implement the basics of good communication we will be able to see its effect on our daily routine, work life in both positive and rewarding manners. Here are a few things that will help us have effective communication at workspace.

  • Body Language: More than what we speak by words, the body speaks by gestures and other non verbal behaviors. Our bodies speak our mind. But many times due to not being conscious or out of some habits, many things get conveyed which are not even on our mind. So being conscious of our body language is a basic criteria for having effective communication.
  • Being aware of the tone of our voice. Tone and intonation of voice has a huge impact on quality of communication. A sense of connection between the speaker and listener is conveyed with respect to the non verbals associated with the tone of voice.
  • Have a good social sense. A good social sense helps in empathetic communication. Many times, copying the gestures and body movements of the person we are talking to helps in connecting with them. It makes the other person feel more comfortable.
  • Active listening. An active listener is a precursor to healthy communication. When one feels that one is being heard, we feel more engrossed, tend to understand more, value what the other is speaking and this all smoothens conversations.

Assertive Communication

Assertiveness is the key to healthy communication. It is one’s ability to express their opinion, beliefs and value systems. This all is done in an empathetic manner but with firmness. The following things need to be taken care of while one is being assertive:

  • Being aware of one’s body language, making eye contact while talking, speaking with clarity of both tone and content
  • Use the first person clearly. Use “I” where you are trying to convey your personal concern or stance.
  • Be specific and goal directed to make a strong and genuine point.
  • Be direct rather than beating around the bush for conveying what you truly desire to put forward. Indirect communication not only confuses the listener but also hampers connection in the process of communication.
  • Be humble, respectful and firm at the same time.
  • Summarising is a good tactic if either the conversation has been too long or the content has been very complex.

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