Ms. Psycho Therapy

Ms. Psycho Therapy

Ms. Therapy has taken out some time from her busy schedule of fighting stigmas and dogmas thrown by the world at her……let’s hear her out

Ms. Psycho Therapy

What is psychotherapy? When should one take it? When can one take it? What are its benefits?

Hi everyone,  I am Mrs. Therapy. I mean, I am Mrs. Psycho Therapy. I would really like to apologize for introducing myself so late even though I have been around for many decades! Actually, in this span I was busy proving myself, fighting stereotypes, nurturing myself and evolving while trying to understand the world so that I could make it a better place to live.

I struggled and still have been struggling to express myself to people even though I have immense trust in myself but there are some reasons for why people hesitate to pursue me and those reasons are so deep rooted that they even feel afraid to ask about me from others who pursue me or even those who have met me or know little about me. This is because they are scared of being judged by the people around! Paradoxically, I am a very empathetic person who is absolutely non-judgmental. For me, nothing is weird or awkward or abnormal. I try to observe things from a neutral, objective perspective and foresee if I can act towards the betterment of the individual, reduce their stress and help them become fully functional. I wish to help them be generative in a meaningful life.

When I meet someone, I not only see how they are at present, but also what are the biological, hereditary and genetic reasons for the concerns they are sharing with me. I also consider their social life and wellbeing and of course the health of their mind. I see them holistically, as a person, as a human who is capable of feeling, crying, breaking down and also making sense of it all.

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