When to see a shrink!

When to see a shrink!

Even the words, “you need to see a shrink”, bring around intense emotions in our mind..

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Let’s get to know what for does one really need a shrink!

Stress is quite an integral part of our lives. It pushes us to utilise all our life learnings, find out smoother ways, utilise coping strategies and take actions to minimise the strain of the pressuring situation. Many times in this process, we feel exhausted, panicky, hopeless, helpless and many other kinds of feelings. There are also some who feel motivated by the challenges. However, if these challenges go on for long periods without much resolution, one is bound to experience feelings of giving up, frustration and even burn out.

These intense experiences impact various facets of our lives. The need to visit a counsellor or therapist is when the experiences in these facets impact how we function. This basically means that our roles, responsibilities and desired actions in each of these spaces of life get impacted to a considerable extent. This extent can be marked by preoccupations with stress, sleeplessness, deformed appetite, malfunctioning routine or even feelings of dissatisfaction from life.

Many times, the emotional experiences we have, also signal the need for seeing a shrink. Feelings of hopelessness, high uncontrollable anxiety, hopelessness, existential thoughts, life threatening dilemmas etc. are all signs of struggling to manage our life conflicts.

Despite the stigma around seeking help for Mental Health Concerns, we must acknowledge the dire need of it in times which call out for the need of a hand.

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