5 reasons why you should invest in workplace wellness

5 reasons why you should invest in workplace wellness

Workplace Wellness optimises your workplace in key aspects of health, positivity, and overall well-being of your employees and everyone involved in your organisation. Making workplace wellness more than just a buzzword will take conscious effort, thoughtfulness, and planning from you as a leader. When employee satisfaction in your organization improves, so will all other metrics As a committed practice, workplace wellness will include a wide range of interactive lessons, activities, and/or organisational sessions designed to align wellness solutions keeping in mind the business outcomes of your organisation. The overall physical and psychological health of your employees need to be gauged by you, in a challenging work environment. Statistics have shown that when wellness programmes were adopted, 81% of companies reported an improvement in health, and 69% of companies reported a reduction in company costs. For this reason, workplace wellness solutions will be mutually beneficial to both the employee and the corporation. A workplace wellness programme will ensure transformative changes and promise growth for employees and the organisation.

Here are five major reasons why you should invest in workplace wellness:

1. Increase OHI-

OHI is an important parameter to determine the growth and success of your organisation. Workplace wellness-centred initiatives are proven to build team culture in an organisation. Consequently, OHI will increase when there is an enhanced cohesion and wellness oriented strategies in your workplace.


2. Build a culture of teamwork-

Teamwork is crucial if you want your organisation to be successful. When you deploy effective workplace wellness strategies it will build on team cohesion and inclusivity. These collaborative wellness practices will create a healthy and productive work environment.


3. Ensure business performance-

As a leader, you must have a vision for your organization to be successful and grow at the same time. Results have shown that when workplace wellness initiatives are deployed, there is an increase in productivity, motivation, and a reduction in attrition. An increase in team engagement and employee retention will happen when you empower your workforce.


4. Protect your business-

You must be used to constantly facing different challenges as a leader. Given this uncertainty in the business world, your workforce needs to be prepared to deal with challenging situations and come up with optimum solutions. For this preparedness, you need to indulge your team in different workplace wellness initiatives.


5. Maximise productivity-

The benefits of workplace wellness programmes are programmes are pluralistic and multi-dimensional. Ensuring the psychological safety of your workforce will lower absenteeism, attrition rates and maximise the productivity of your employees.


You need to Promote “workplace wellness culture” by enabling your employees to recognize each other’s well-being achievements. This will allow you to reward employees for achieving big goals. Recognition will reinforce a healthy culture and give your employees the additional motivation to reach their goals, as well as the goals of your organisation. Wellness solutions don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to incorporate wellbeing into business, as they can bring significant benefits to your business. You can support employee well-being while also benefiting from increased productivity, retention, engagement, and employee morale through the implementation of a wellness programme or by simply adding wellness options to an existing recognition programme.

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