School In High Spirits​

Student wellness

School is the second home for a child. A child goes through major life phase transitions in school itself. We consider school as a major stepping stone for any child to develop holistically. It is very important for the rising youth to know more about who they are and to keep in check their emotional intelligence for being a self-sufficient individual. We provide student wellness programmes which focuses on helping every child live up to their potential, find their greatest self, increase empathy and togetherness among each other, create mindfulness, help them develop habits like practicing gratitude, increased self-respect, handling and labelling correct emotions;

Career counselling

Our Career counselling has 2 aspects:

    1. Mental stress and Challenges following the passion
    2. Aptitude, area of interest and knowing the options they can go ahead with for studies or career

Educator enhancement program

School is the second home which is not just created by students but also because of the educators, faculties and other staff members. We believe that every individual present in the school is responsible for making school a better, meaningful and a happier place to be. Emotional health and coping with stress are as important and needed for the educators as for the students. Our educator enhancement program provides a confidential space for putting forward the individual concerns or collective concerns surrounding work pressure, student handling, personal challenges, to help them gain a new perspective and strategies for handling. We also provide work - life harmony training under these programs


When a child goes through a transition phase so does parents. Parenting is a very challenging role, it requires a lot of time, effort, techniques, courage and good communication. Every parent has a lot of roles to play, and just like an adolescent going through role conflict so does parents. Our parenting programme give parents a safe space to talk about their feelings, pressure and challenges they face within an interactive session. Also, we provide workshops and training on helping parents gain a new perspective and techniques in handling their own child, the child’s concern and new phases of growing up as well as how they can cope with their own stress and increase tolerance level. We look forward to working with single parents, working parents and parenting as a couple to make them feel empowered and connect at a greater level with their child.