Employee Assistance Program

Healthy workplaces and healthy employees are more efficient. Personal issues can prevent employees from committing to a healthy lifestyle, interfere with employee wellness goals and greatly impact organizational performance. That’s where Antarmanh Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can assist you.

Antarmanh EAP helps foster a healthy work environment by providing an employee-centred health approach, counsellors, solution-focused programs & services to enhance workplace culture & productivity, and stronger organizational foundations to empower employees and leaders toward success. Our program is fully designed to support organizations in creating a healthier, happier, effective environment for better internal functioning.

A healthy culture is important for organizational performance. A solution-focused EAP that helps you develop performance-improvement strategies can be a critical business decision. Antarmanh EAP delivers on the promise to make your workplace thrive.

Our industry – leading Services are as follows: