Employee Assistance Program

Healthy workplaces and healthy employees are more efficient. Personal issues can prevent employees from committing to a healthy lifestyle, interfere with employee wellness goals and greatly impact organizational performance. That’s where Antarmanh Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can assist you.

Antarmanh EAP helps foster a healthy work environment by providing an employee-centred health approach, counsellors, solution-focused programs & services to enhance workplace culture & productivity, and stronger organizational foundations to empower employees and leaders toward success. Our program is fully designed to support organizations in creating a healthier, happier, effective environment for better internal functioning.

A healthy culture is important for organizational performance. A solution-focused EAP that helps you develop performance-improvement strategies can be a critical business decision. Antarmanh EAP delivers on the promise to make your workplace thrive.

Our industry – leading Services are as follows:

Antarmanh offers Professional Counselling Sessions to the employees and managers. We are here to help and make every person feel equipped enough to deal with their challenges for better efficiency and health through group sessions as well as individual sessions. Our services are offered by professionally trained counselling psychologists to help facilitating the organization for transforming it towards better socio-emotional health.  

In today’s corporate world there has been a high rise in rotational working shifts(specifically graveyard shift) which does affect one’s lifestyle leading to job burnout, stress and psychosomatic health problems . Antarmanh offers Life Skill Management for these employees to help them cope up with the challenges of these shifts by conducting training programmes covering many topics, such as circadian rhythms, sleep disorders, the impact of shift work on family and social life, alertness strategies, safe driving, nutrition, physical activity which would help employees develop better coping strategies and maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle.

Antarmanh is leading the way in Trauma management with a dedicated Critical Incident Support Team with fully qualified psychologists who have extensive experience in trauma counselling, conflict, harassment and stress management. Antarmanh is able to provide 24*7 Critical Incident Management (CIM) service. With our dedicated emergency counselling line, allows employees to speak to Antarmanh Registered Psychologist and counsellors any time of the day or night.

We also provide financial and legal advisory services to employees.

Antarmanh provides personalized workshops and training according to organisation’s need using interactive and fun filled activities along with many proven techniques and therapy. These workshops and training are provided by our professionally trained psychologists and organizational counsellors.

Sensitization towards sexual harassment at workplace is very much needed in today’s world. For people to be self-aware towards policies, Law & Act and  to be vocal about the  trauma of sexual harassment in past or in current working space Antarmanh with support of HR team of the organisation conducts sessions. We have trained professionals for –assisting, support and guiding   affected employee and management and  equip them  to handle such situation professional and with human touch. Our expertise helps the organisation in designing POSH policy and framework at work

Yoga is a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. Man is a physical, mental and spiritual being; yoga helps promote a balanced development of all the three. Antarmanh being a holistic development organization, focus on an integrated approach which involves both mental, spiritual and physical benefits i.e. Yoga. It is believed that in corporate world, office work and high travel time on road, leads to time management issues  and low commitment towards personal health. Antarmanh breaks this notion by providing one stop solution “On Premise Yoga” clubbed with Dietary advisory. We have team of dedicated Yoga Professionals who practice different forms of Yoga.

Nourishment of the body's tissues forms a foundation for nourishment of the mind and emotions. It's easy to see that a balanced, calm mind is much easier to come by if you commit yourself to nourishing your body properly Antarmanh professional Dietician and Nutritionist use biopsychosocial approach for employees and managers to help them through various challenges like recovery from illness, improved diet, weight management, improved happiness and ultimately an improved state of mind.

This program consists of various on ground activities, sessions, interactive sessions, games based on the proven psychological techniques like CBT to help the employees, managers, leaders develop efficiency in the areas of stress management, personal conflicts or challenges, managing time, building resilience, self-awareness and mindfulness. Our coaching sessions are based on the personalized needs and we give our best to bind by the needs of the organization to make it holistically efficient; we  design our programs on biopsychosocial model covering  aspects of – Biological, Social and Psychological factors, leading towards a happy state of Mind and being.

Our Services on  psychometric assessments for corporates are designed to help  organisations in identifying high potential candidate for organisation and for employee elevation within the organisation.. The assessment not only provides best fit but also raise awareness  to work upon the loopholes and increase empathy at workplace. We use standardized and customized assessments surrounding mental health and business health for organizations to grow holistically. To avoid any biases and produce genuine results we follow a professional process in conducting these assessments.