Encouraging and Embedding Wellness

The COVID-19 Pandemic impacted everyone around the globe.

People lost their jobs, travelling was prohibited, companies lost business, and nations came to a standstill. As the pandemic continued, Company X, a renowned company came to seek wellness solutions for their employees.
Our team took up the challenge, and worked diligently to bridge the gap between negative impacts of the pandemic and overall well being of the employees. One of the departments of company X, had a team which was one of the best performing groups of individuals, but their performance had been dipping.

younger adults

As reported by the Kaiser Family group, it was seen that younger employees engaged at work were 56% more likely to face a depressive or anxiety related mood disorder. The older employees on the other hand seemed to be the least negatively impacted strata of the workforce. These statistics held true for Company X, the highest performing team members seemed to be depressed and anxious, and the only solution that Company X deemed necessary was : Wellness Solutions. 

We immediately got in touch with all of the members of the Team, and started individual sessions for the same.

As the process continued, one of the team members, Employee Y stood out. Employee Y had been working with Company X for the last 10 years, they always felt motivated and wanted to give their best to the organisation, titled as “Best performing Team Member” Employee Y was a noteworthy asset to the company, but all this seemed irrelevant to Employee Y now. 

In the first session that Employee Y had with our wellness consultant, they seemed on edge. The disinterest, disengagement and dissatisfaction was very evident, Employee Y also revealed that the pandemic had caused them to feel isolated, alone and insecure, instigating negative thoughts like suicidal ideations. Employee Y  had been experiencing tormenting sleepless nights and frequent anxiety attacks for 2 months. During counseling sessions it was revealed that Employee Y had contracted COVID 19, and even after a full recovery, the after effects of the virus impacted Employee Y immensely. 

After Employee Y rejoined work, post recovery, the once best performing employee of the team, saw a major decline in work, colleagues started making fun of Employee Y and the TL could not understand the issue. Employee Y was so distraught by this, that the best solution was to avoid work, so Employee Y stopped performing, took regular leaves and isolated themselves. This behaviour was perceived by the whole team as laziness and avoidance. All these negative conclusions and situations, made Employee Y more vulnerable to suicidal ideations.

This sudden change not only affected Employee Y, but also affected the Company. As the productivity of a top list performer reduced, it dented the efficiency of Company X. The efficacy of the department dropped, sales and closings saw a downward trend. 

Immediate intervention and support became a must. Our wellness team worked with Employee Y over a period of time, we provide a safe space for discussions, deliberations and destigmatisation. With supportive therapy, we had an aim to improve the complete wellbeing of Employee Y. As regular counseling carried on, with brief supportive therapy and continuous emotional support Employee Y’s symptoms started to improve. The symptoms got managed at a personal individual level, there was a positive change noticed in Employee Y after a few weeks of therapy.

Improvement in Overall Wellbeing and Productivity of Organisation X

Our wellness solutions do not halt at individual levels, we utilise an efficient pyramidal  system, starting from the ground level or source and working with the wellness of individual employees, we move on to interactive group wellness session with the team, followed by interactive triad coaching with Team Leaders, group session and individual employees, our system finally promised improvement in  the overall productivity of the organisation. 

In this case we implemented this system, once Employee Y was better, we ensured to work with the Teams of Company X as well, we had many interactive wellbeing sessions, wherein our wellness consultants psychoeducated the TLs and Teams. They were trained about the importance of empathy and team support. They were also trained to create a psychological safe space for each other. 

This rippled further and employees showed more work satisfaction and lesser attrition rate, which was good news for Company X from a business perspective, productivity increased at an individual, team, department and whole organisation level. The Company flourished, even during the uncertain times of the pandemic. 

As the employees of Company X were given the confidence and the platform to address any issues or concerns, they valued the efforts of Company X, and displayed their gratitude by giving their best to the organisation.

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Psychological safety

Abc Ltd. reported lack of efficient communication among team members and the resultant disengagement towards work. Simultaneously, such fallout had begun to indicate burnout among employees

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Where operations were a challenge

Abc Ltd. is a consulting firm. Their operational services include providing expert services ranging from planning business strategy to problem-solving such as managing assets

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Psychological safety

Abc Ltd. reported lack of efficient communication among team members and the resultant disengagement towards work. Simultaneously, such fallout had begun to indicate burnout among employees