Dr. SeeMa Rekha

Founder Director

Dr Seema Rekha is a passionate, versatile & visionary leadership partner for people management. She is known for her kaleidoscopic approach for bringing solutions to her clients, as a business/leadership coach, management consultant, social entrepreneur and a certified Emotional & Behaviour Coach from Institute of counselling Glasgow UK.

She closely works with senior management team for reengineering the people behaviour and response at work.

Her keen interest area is ‘Emotional Safety & Security at Workplace’. She is associated with Concentrix for Google YouTube process, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for creating a culture of collaboration & mutual trust. She is ICC member for most of her corporate clients. 

Her management & medico background and research experience at Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (IIML) and stint with European management consultancy brings a perfect blend of knowledge and experience to provide effective strategic solutions to clients.

Dr Malvika

Dr. Malvika Singh

Client ENgagement

Dr Malvika has 15 years of diverse experience primarily in the field of Human Resouces, Talent Management and EAP. 

She started her career in 2004 with Ernst & Young as a Management Trainee and went on to head the Talent Acquisition team. In her most recent role, she heads the EAP Practice at Antarmanh. In this role she has worked across sectors and with various clients to help them drive their employee wellness agenda with tailor made work based intervention programmes to support their employees well being at the workplace and their personal lives. 

Through group sessions as well as individual coaching sessions she has helped people achieve their potential and in turn the organisation’s goals by helping them deal with difficult situations and overcoming stress. 
Dr Malvika is an MBA from IBS, University and a Ph. D in Organizational Behaviour.