Mental health importance for job seekers and at workplace amid COVID

9 December, 2021 | Seema Rekha

It is imperative for job seekers to broaden their perspective towards their own employability quotient and must understand the role of sound mental wellness to increase the same(Employability Quotient). To increase EQ seekers must be aware about the world (i.e. global trends, industries) and Self (i.e. self competence, abilities, limitations & skill set).

To help job seekers further, TimesJobs invited Seema Rekha, Managing Director, Antarmanh to discuss the topic - "Mental health importance for job seekers and at workplace amid COVID" in a Webinar conducted on December 09, 2021, between 12-1 PM.

Seema Rekha, Managing Director, Antarmanh, is a Business/Leadership Coach, Management Consultant, Social Entrepreneur and an Emotional and Behaviour coach. She is a gentle humanitarian by heart and a passionate leader. She has been zealously working for a decade with her partners from varied backgrounds such as government, health, lifestyle, pharmaceuticals, information technology, etc. in the arena of emotional wellbeing. She is a successful, female entrepreneur who has taken Antarmanhs services to 13 countries in a span of 2 years.

Key Takeaways :

  • Employability quotient
  • Role of mental wellness to strengthen characteristics for improving employability quotient
  • Maintaining better emotional health
  • Learn about self awareness and its importance to increase employability quotient
  • Learn about people skills
  • Learn about Time management & Goal setting
  • Learn about mindfulness & self discipline

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