Privacy Policy

Main Points
  1. Objective:

    This Privacy Policy outlines the practices of Antarmanh and its affiliates regarding their website and subscriber-based services ("Services"), including the types of information collected, methods of collection, use, and sharing of information with third parties. This document constitutes Antarmanh's Privacy Policy, accessible to providers of such information at

  2. Definitions:

    'Sensitive Personal Data or Information' (SPDI) refers to Personal Information that includes details like passwords, financial information, health conditions, sexual orientation, medical records, biometric data, or any information provided by an individual to Antarmanh for service provision. 'Personal Information' refers to data related to a natural person that, either directly or indirectly, can identify that person. Antarmanh and its affiliates or agents collecting, receiving, possessing, storing, or handling SPDI or Personal Information are bound by this Privacy Policy.

  3. Privacy Principles:

    Our Privacy Policy aims to inform you of your rights regarding the Personal Information we may collect during your interactions with our website(s) or our business activities.

  4. Consent:

    By using our website or services, you consent to the collection of your Personal Information by Antarmanh and its affiliates. For collection of SPDI required to provide services, we will seek your explicit consent. Your acceptance of this Privacy Policy, available at, confirms that you are at least 18 years old. Minors should not share SPDI or Personal Information without parental or legal guardian consent.

  5. Information Collection and Storage:

    We collect SPDI or Personal Information as necessary, including information provided by you directly, through website usage, or during service usage. This includes details for identification, financial information, health records, surveys, and communication records. We use this information primarily to improve service delivery and user experience.

  6. Data Usage:

    Antarmanh employs reasonable security measures to protect your Personal Information and SPDI, using collected information for legitimate business purposes and being transparent with data providers regarding collection and processing. We also use information for training, analytics, and ensuring compliance with retention policies.

  7. Information Sharing:

    We share SPDI or Personal Information with third parties only with your consent, such as with affiliates or trusted business associates, always ensuring data protection levels specified in this Policy and applicable laws.

  8. Withdrawal of Consent:

    You can withdraw consent for SPDI collection by contacting Antarmanh's grievance officer.

  9. Data Accuracy:

    We update and review information periodically, allowing you to update your details to ensure accuracy.

  10. Data Retention:

    We retain Personal Information as long as necessary for the purposes collected, complying with retention requirements and securely disposing of data afterward.

  11. Individual Rights

    You have rights to opt-out of marketing communications, correct inaccurate information, access provided information, and address grievances, all handled promptly and transparently.

  12. Security Measures

    We implement appropriate security measures to protect Personal Information and SPDI from unauthorized access or disclosure, training staff, and ensuring third-party compliance with privacy obligations.

  13. International Data Transfer

    We ensure adequate safeguards when transferring Personal Information internationally, maintaining data protection standards.

  14. Force Majeure

    Antarmanh is not liable for data misuse due to uncontrollable events ("Force Majeure").

  15. Grievance Officer

    For complaints or concerns regarding this Policy, contact Ms. Priyanci, Antarmanh's Grievance Officer at

This document is an electronic record under the Information Technology Act, 2000, generated by a computer system and does not require physical or digital signatures.