Refund Policy

Antarmanh Refund Policy
  1. Background

    • Antarmanh endeavors to deliver counseling services professionally, prioritizing the needs and concerns of its clients. In cases of client dissatisfaction leading to a refund request, the conditions and terms governing such refunds are detailed in the "Refund Policy." It's important to note that Antarmanh does not consider refund requests under any other circumstances

  2. Parties

    • The terms "You" or "Your" pertain to You as a Registered User, while the terms "Antarmanh," "We," "Us," "Company," and "Our" refer to Antarmanh Consulting Private Limited/Its affiliate. A Registered User is defined as any individual who has completed the registration process and paid the necessary fees to access services provided by Antarmanh.

  3. Applicability

    You can request a refund under this Refund Policy only while you maintain your status as a Registered User. Your eligibility for a refund may arise in cases of the following types of issues on our part:

    • Accounting errors, such as overcharging for sessions beyond what you actually used.

    • Service defects, if you find the quality of services to be deficient or unsatisfactory, and our investigation validates your feedback.

    In case of any dispute regarding the existence of a defect or deficiency as outlined above, Antarmanh / Its Affiliate decision will be final.

    This Refund Policy does not cover any issues beyond those specifically mentioned. If a service deficiency reported by you is fixable, Antarmanh/Its Affiliate may, at its discretion, opt to rectify the services instead of issuing a refund.

  4. Cut-Off Date

    You must submit any refund requests within Seven (7) days from the date of purchasing our listed session packages/services used. Regrettably, we cannot process refund requests beyond such period..

  5. Cancellation & Rescheduling

    Our sessions can be reserved and rescheduled up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. We offer complete flexibility for rescheduling within this timeframe. Users have the option to reschedule appointments twice; thereafter, they must either attend the session or cancel it with a deduction.

    When you schedule an appointment with a counselor, they allocate their exclusive time for you. Not showing up for the appointment is unfair to other clients who could have used that slot for their well-being. Any rescheduling request within 24 hours of the appointment or failure to attend will incur a charge, equivalent to a non-refundable cancellation fee for the session

  6. Refunds Process

    Please note that the charges paid by a Customer, are not refundable. In the event a Customer is not satisfied with the service provided by Antarmanh/its affiliate program, then they may send a mail to However, in case your grievance is arising out of any quality issues - we will try our best to give you a corrective solution. Our team will review each such mail, on a case to case basis, and may refund the charges paid, if it deems fit. The decision of Antarmanh on any such matter shall be final and binding.

    For ease of processing & documentation of this process we will keep the refund request through the email provided above only.

    Once the process is completed, we will communicate to You the extent of refund, if any and a tentative date by which you can claim it. We try to respond to any request for refund within Fifteen (15) working days of receipt of request.

    Subscription Plan

    • Purchased will be activated from the date of Purchase and expires according to its duration. In situation where customer not able to utilize the benefits of subscription plan within the duration of the subscription, no refund will be provided. The Customer agrees and understands that buying a Subscription Plan does not give the Customer any preference in any manner. Antarmanh Counsellors will be assigned on first come first basis. Though Antarmanh try to assign the counselor requested by the customer, however due to business reason choosing a counselor does not guarantee access to the services of the counsellor and Antarmanh reserve the right to allocate different counsellor.

    Appointments(Audio/Video/Face to Face):

    • If technical difficulties occur during a session, Antarmanh/its affiliate will investigate with their service providers. If Antarmanh determines the issue is genuine, the appointment will be rescheduled. However, refunds will not be given for technical difficulties during sessions.

    • If the Customer misses the appointment, It will reschedule once. If the Customer misses the second rescheduled appointment, the session will be considered used.

    • No shows for Face-to-Face appointments are considered as services rendered, and no request for refunds or rescheduling in such cases will be entertained.

    • To reschedule, the Customer must notify Antarmanh at least 24 hours in advance. Refunds will only be granted if permitted by the Terms and Conditions.

  7. Late or Missing Refunds (if applicable)

    Generally we take about 15 working days to process a refund; from the date a refund request is approved by Us. Delay in crediting a refund may be due to various reasons such as time taken by the banking process for reflecting the refund in your account. In case You have any doubts or need any information, please write back to us at

  8. Grievance

    If you have any grievance relating to the refund, please write to