Depression and loneliness

Depression is an intense form of sadness where you feel caged and empty from inside. It can make you confused and drained about your own feelings, thoughts and emotions. Our professionals can help you through this time of life, where you might feel alone and lonely. We are here to understand you and work through. Loneliness can be very draining and terrifying for anyone experiencing it. It is important to understand that every individual experiencing loneliness is not the same, everybody experience it differently. We can help you understand your loneliness and work along with you towards gaining solitude out of it. Knowing the Why of loneliness can help you gain power to deal with it anyhow.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

Self esteem and Confidence are all about how strongly we believe in our self and how we can constantly grow into best version of ourselves. These are the major life factors which are shaped through our past experiences or childhood patterns that get adapted by us very early in life. It is important to heal from within, to find yourself again and work along with yourself to raise the bar of your self esteem and confidence. We can help in understanding the cause and effect of low self-esteem, develop new patterns and unlearn the unhealthy maladaptive patterns of self that might have been adapted unconsciously in the past. Our Professionals can help you build new beliefs, ideas about self and others.


Relationships are one of the most valued and important part of our lives. The quality of relationship determines how happy we are in one. We assist in improving the quality of your relationships by helping you identify the conflict areas. We deal with the following: Understanding your personal Attachment Style, Needs and expectations, Conflict management, Break-up and moving forward, Past traumas, Fear of losing your partner, Co-dependency, Feeling undervalued by your partner, Individual differences in a relationship and Gaining back your individuality.

Personal success

Personal Success

Success is always achieved with a great mind-set, collaborative nature and empathetic personality. Anyone facing difficulty in achieving what they want in life and feel like they have failed in life, this platform is for them to rediscover their success and evaluate their success rate. Our professionals would help you in understanding and developing these important skills and work towards these skills learning so that they get hardwired and you function more effectively

Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a major part of today’s world. It is difficult to manage personal life challenges and professional life hustles all together. We strongly believe that, we as humans cannot handle all by ourselves and it is always wise to share your struggles and stresses with professionals rather than exhausting to the level of burn out and anxiety. We help with: Developing coping strategies, Building strength, Individual personality development, Analysing the root cause of stress, Bringing shifts in the mind-set, How to use opportunities around to counter stress causing factors, Dealing with difficult people.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most leading factors of stress, loneliness, fear and depression. The addiction of social media can lead towards unhealthy lifestyle and negative life patterns. IIf the influence of Social media on you makes you feel any of the following we are here to help you through this phase of life: Fear of missing out, Comparing your life with others, Cursing your own life, Feeling Ashamed, Guilt and regret, Occupied with the comments and likes on social media platform, Negative Influence of body image, and Feelings of living a double life.

Child and Adolescent

A child moving through different phases of life can be very challenging. Childhood experiences shapes our personality, attitude and beliefs which plays a big role of what we experience in adulthood and how we function. A child faces a lot of emotional, behavioural and social pressure in many forms like bullying, sexual abuse, peer pressure, not feeling inclusive etc. Adolescent is a sensitive phase of life which helps a child to develop his or her identity which prepares them for the outer world. This is a very challenging time of life yet very important where they go through a lot of emotional, social, physical, moral growth which makes them quite vulnerable towards themselves, others and family. We provide a safe space for a child and an adolescent to make healthy transitions through these phases and live a happier life and develop their personality as they wish for to make a smooth transition in their adulthood.

Work / Academic Pressure and Career

Stress sometimes work as a demotivating factor rather than a motivating factor. Constant internal and external pressure can cause burn out and exertion which in turn may make you feel handicapped, limiting you to perform day to day activities. Our professionals would help you cope with stress and help you develop new resources while strengthening the existing ones. Dealing with stress and pressure with the support of a professional helps in discovering new doors and opportunities for yourself.