Wellness at a Grassroot Level

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”

Every industry around the world requires a robust team of hardworking employees to achieve their pinnacle of success, which makes It important to ensure the wellness and psychological safety of each employee.Our Wellness team deploys Employee Assistance Programs to a number of organisations globally. One of our service receptors, Organisation X, reached out to us for assistance. Organisation X is part of one of the largest industries in India, the IT industry.

Organisation X reported that one of their top performing teams performance had been gradually declining. The team members did not seem motivated and encouraged. Their top performers were displaying disinterest, disengagement and dissatisfaction. Our team carefully understood the case, and commenced an immediate implementation of psychological support.

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In a study conducted in the United Kingdom, it was found that every department of an organisation is susceptible to various stressors in a workplace environment. These stressors can lead to a number of negative outcomes. Stress can lead to fatigue, low motivation, emotional outbursts, disinterest, apathy at an individual level for an employee, which in turn can lead to lowered productivity and turnover.
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Our wellness team prepared a unique wellness plan to accommodate the needs of Organisational X. We wanted to implement a downward wellbeing system for Organisation X, which started with an organisational level discussion, moving down to group sessions with the teams and last but not least, individual supportive sessions with employees. This was a grassroot level intervention plan, where we wanted to work with each individual employee.

Our wellness team started by taking Group Sessions with the team. The team showed signs of burnout, lack of mental health awareness and lowered productivity. Intervention was necessary, to reduce the vicious effects of exhaustion. The group sessions provided all the team members with a safe place to talk about their obstacles and worries. Interactive team activities that allowed members to share, demonstrate and learn new wellness techniques, were conducted which improved the overall team bonding.

As the team group sessions were underway, our wellness team observed each individual employee as well, which allows us to identify employees who may require additional individual support.

During these interactions, one team member stood out, we began individual sessions with Employee Y as per our plan. Employee Y, was experiencing emotional disturbances in isolation. Employee Y had experienced disturbances in mood, negative thoughts and disruptive behaviors, they did not know how to deal with it, and psychological support was inaccessible to them. Employee Y was under a number of stressors which in turn had impacted their workplace performance. Psychological intervention was a must, and due to the timely action of Organisation X, to seek employee assistance our team could help employee Y and reduce the occurrence of any uncertain repercussions which could negatively impact employee Y, and Organisation X.

During sessions, Employee Y revealed that they did not have a normal childhood, they had experienced setbacks at a very young age, which made them develop unrealistic expectations. We also explored the social network of Employee Y. Employee Y did not have any support system, they liked to remain alone, and did not trust others.

Our team worked diligently with Employee Y for eight months, and addressed their concerns. As the individual concerns of Employee Y improved, there was an increase in their performance as well. They started interacting with their team members, working harder, which proved to be beneficial for the organisation, as the overall productivity improved.

We implemented a number of wellness initiatives for Organisation X. We instilled a strong network of psychological support and safety. We introduced the organisation to a two way feedback system, a safe place for every employee to address any concerns or problems they may be facing. Incorporating a safe place for employees, helps organisations to build trust, commitment and engagement of their employees. It empowers employees which ripples to the entire organisation and industry at the end.

We also conducted a number of workshops for promoting psychoeducation. It is quintessential to focus on an employees and organisations mental health. A negative mindset induced by stressors can yield lowered results, and create an ineffective work environment. When we speak about psychological safety, how to implement and maintain it, it flourishes and enriches the work environment, which is a necessity to promise performance. Working with individual employees is one of the most effective ways of improving performance of an organisation at large. By identifying individual problems, we can curate efficient plans to resolve them, leading employees to feel psychologically safe and understood. It creates an impactful bond between the employees and organisation, doing away with any detrimental bridges. Harmonising the efforts of employees and teams is a double edged sword, it engages and motivates employees, and can lead successful results for the company.
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Psychological safety

Abc Ltd. reported lack of efficient communication among team members and the resultant disengagement towards work. Simultaneously, such fallout had begun to indicate burnout among employees

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Where operations were a challenge

Abc Ltd. is a consulting firm. Their operational services include providing expert services ranging from planning business strategy to problem-solving such as managing assets

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Psychological safety

Abc Ltd. reported lack of efficient communication among team members and the resultant disengagement towards work. Simultaneously, such fallout had begun to indicate burnout among employees