Where Operations were a Challenge

Abc Ltd. is a consulting firm. Their operational services include providing expert services ranging from planning business strategy to problem-solving. The scope of work encompasses providing actionable results and includes project management solutions, such as managing assets, evaluating credibility and closing deals in a fast paced market. It also involves guiding the commercial strategy by taking products from the pipeline phase to its on-market application.

Like other consulting firms, its workforce comprises people from various disciplines and their performance depends on team cohesiveness. The teams realised they were facing a challenge: lack of a connection among the team members which was only exacerbated by the pandemic.

They have a lateral hierarchical structure. Hence, the communication is fast across the senior management and the executive members, but the lack of team cohesion hampers different aspects of their work and is very time consuming.

Cases 1 Client Organisation and their concern

Problem Statement

Abc Ltd.was facing challenges with respect to managing their time, managing stress and building a team spirit within the organisation. They had elaborated that the majority of their time was spent in resolving the above mentioned issues and that the core time to do work was gradually decreasing.

Next, our team took a closer look at their challenges and demonstrated the make-up of the usual workday. With our need analysis, we recognized that a bulk of their time was spent in resource and task management which coupled with lack of cohesion led to absence of a purpose driven approach to projects. This clarified that a combination of both people and infrastructural solutions would resolve their challenges and would accelerate their productivity

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Our Approach

Customization as per client's need is foundational to our work.

Our Approach

Each of our projects, regardless of their side, undergo three foundational stages:

  • Need Analysis

We understand the major facets of our client and their expectations from us. Clients share their needs and expectations from us but ‘need analysis’ as a process is an in-depth study. The study aims to draw a strategy from the present position to the goal.

  • Strategy Development

Once the client needs are identified and analysed, strategy development is taken up as we have all the key information in our hands. Strategising in any workspace can be done with two major facets: Human Potential Organisational Structure

  • Executing the Transformational Journey

Both the facets of the organisation are targeted simultaneously. Working with human potential involves utilisation of people enhancement strategies. These strategies include working with variables like their resilience, emotional development and management, leadership development, solution orientation of all the human resources etc. Organisational structure is the scaffold around which the entire organisation functions. Redesigning the infrastructure surely translates into change in the outlook and functioning. Hence it is one major aspect of our consulting practice.

Service Execution

For the concern our client presented, we did an in depth client profiling which gave us insights into their areas of improvement and possible roadblocks which helped us pave way into the strategy development and execution.

People Enhancement Solutions

Enhancement of the human resources with the client included touching upon major areas of :
  • Ensuring employee wellness
  • Developing leadership
  • Strategies to make the workplace psychologically safe
  • Preventive strategies against burnout

Infrastructural Redesigning

The skeletal redesigning included working on spects of :
  • Hierarchy
  • Polishing hiring
  • Communication
  • Individual and team structures
  • Resource management


We believe in bringing transformation through collaboration. We took a look at the problem as stated by the client, through our consultant lens and found that the real change needed to be made at the infrastructural level.

Refining human resource management, developing emotional intelligence and improving team communication could help their time budgeting issues along with accelerating their business productivity. Hence, we worked closely with the client organisation and brought about these changes. Continuing our support with the client organisation, we are providing a longitudinal scaffolding for them to overcome their presented challenges and achieve their desired outcomes.

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Psychological safety

Abc Ltd. reported lack of efficient communication among team members and the resultant disengagement towards work. Simultaneously, such fallout had begun to indicate burnout among employees

We have delivered Img 1

Embedding Wellness

The COVID 19 Pandemic impacted everyone around the globe. People lost their jobs, travelling was prohibited, companies lost business, and nations
came to a standstill

We have delivered Img 1

Psychological safety

Abc Ltd. reported lack of efficient communication among team members and the resultant disengagement towards work. Simultaneously, such fallout had begun to indicate burnout among employees

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